Why Us

As a company, we are specially geared towards satisfying the western market. Since we are one of the first North American companies to deliver this type of product, we establish a hassle-free and worry-free experience to customers located in Canada and the United States.

Durability and Performance

Our products are highly durable and offer long lasting performance in accordance with the North American product standards. By using fire-retardant, moisture-resistant, and powder-coated materials, we present a multi-usable (for indoor and outdoor convenience) and easy to assemble home for your vehicle.


120mm powder-coated Q215 quality steel pipe which out-stands our regional severe and harsh weather climate with temperature reaching up to 50c in the summer and 90% humidity.

Plastic Knobs

Durable Plastic Knobs to protect the base frame part and wrapped cover fabric for surface contact.

Pressure & Resistance Stick

Best quality in high frequency use of Pressure & Resistance Stick for automatic reflective motion feature on all car shelters.


Best Velcro Quality.

Screws & Bolts

Stainless steel Screws & Bolts and anchors to resist rust.

Rubber Parts

Thick Rubber Parts to act as separator between the steel flexible parts.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an unmatched product and service to our customers. Our customer service specialists truly care about you and your needs and will continue to work extremely hard to ensure your satisfaction.